We offer a free initial consultation to quickly determine if we're the right fit for your needs. During this consultation, we'll learn about your challenges, goals, and project scope. This helps us assess if our services can best suit your project.

If we're a good match, we offer several service tiers to choose from, each tailored to different project complexities. Our consulting rates are then determined by the specific needs identified in the consultation. As we understand transparency is key, below is examples of our rates. 


All pricing is shown without tax (moms).

First consultation: Free.

Hourly Consulting:

Perfect for targeted tasks and expert advice (Rate: 850 - 1450 DKK/hour)

Hourly rate examples:

  • Feedback - Low complexity, concept material, menu, communication etc, remote, 5 hours, 850 DKK/hour.
  • Research - Targeted Trend, product or market research - 5 days, 1250 DKK/Hour.
  • Development -Targeted strategic product or menu development - 5 days, 1450 DKK/hour.

Project-Based consulting:

Comprehensive strategy development for a defined scope (Custom Quote)

Project rate examples:

  • Concept development / Project lead - high complexity, client facing, project maneging, ensuring client satisfaction. Approx 20 hours per week, 2 months period . 120.000 DKK/ month.
  • Concept development / Background developer - medium complexity. We’ll be your project partner, providing support and expertise in the background to ensure you a successful outcome. Approx 20 hours per week, remote, 2 months period, 80.000 DKK/month.

Monthly Retainer Support:

Ongoing support and guidance (Custom Quote)

Monthly Support example:

  • Menu and product feedback and development. 10 hours per month. 8500 DKK/month


Any specific needs, please contact us for a custom quote.

…...on top of that, your project lives rent free in our brains 24 / 7 .

Who we are

Tora Bjarnason

Chef, F&B Strategist & Gastronomic developer

Trained chef, entrepreneur, and former Head of development In Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, with more than 25 years of experience. In my time both as an entrepreneur and at Tivoli, I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with franchises, partners and on the development of a wide range of food outlets, restaurants and pop ups. Ive worked with brands like Gasoline Grill, Original Coffee og Royal Unibrew. From ideation to concept development, design, creation and implementation.

My approach is analytic, data-driven, systematic with a dash of creativity. Any obstacle can be turned into an opportunity if we approach it with an expansive mindset. As a development partner, I work to define, simplify and align your concept, and I look up and ahead, to help you always develop and optimize your business. 

Lotus Child

Creative/Experience Director & Brand Strategist

Experience director and strategist with 25 years experience creating distinctive communications for global brands like Adobe, Yahoo!, LG, Levis, HP and Nike across digital, print, branding, product, direct and social.​ Working at the intersection of communication, user experience, and technology, I've been fortunate to work with a wide variety of business and communication challenges across clients and industries.

By defining and creating your brand in conjunction with designing and building your business, both become stronger and more effective. This allows you to communicate authentically and better connect with the right customers. The result is marketing that is more effective and efficient as you need to spend less to do more.

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