We create and refine food concepts.

Whether it's ideas that need defining or concepts that need refining, we can help you bring clarity and efficiency to your project. 

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We are a Copenhagen based Food & Hospitality consultancy that helps businesses transform ideas into tangible concepts, services, products and experiences.

With 30 years of extensive hospitality experience, working for brands like Tivoli and Gasoline Grill, we leverage in-depth market, trend and customer research and help you bring clarity to your project by providing insights, defining communication and creating materials. 

We partner with you wherever you are in your process.
  • Shout out to Heywork for their optimization report. They helped us identify several areas for improvement.
    Highly recommend their audit

    Andre Nicolas Greedy

    CEO, Behov Pizza

    Andre Nicolas Greedy
  • Heywork´s feedback resulted in much clearer communication that better conveyed our experience to our audience. Their expertise is recommended without reservation.

    Nicola Parente

    Founder, Arroscia Residency

    Nicola Parente


We offer research service in trend, market and customer research, to provide you with the actionable insights you need to make informed decisions.

We help you create and refine concepts, products, and experiences that meet evolving markets, sustainability and customer needs.


We help you clearly articulate your ideas and craft compelling precentation materials to communicate your concept.

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