Underdog Coffee

A modern twist on a Danish classic.

Complex and costly operations, a staffing shortage and blocks of “dead hours” every day were just a few of the challenges facing this small food shop. With a strategic concept centered on the traditional Danish "kaffebar" experience, a new brand, and a focused menu we were able to establish a low-cost operation while delivering high-impact experiences.




  • Transforming a challanged food shop into a thriving coffeehouse without on-site hot food production due to limited manpower
  • Maintaining consistent quality and product offerings while keeping costs down and relying on non-specialized staff
  • Innovating the traditional Danish coffee bar concept to resonate with modern consumers while preserving its authentic charm


Concept Development

  • Revitalized the traditional Danish "kaffebar" model by infusing it with modern design elements and a relaxed, inviting atmosphere the old with the new. 
  • Ready-made håndmadder on display, made 4 times a day — fresh, fast and perfect for the lunch on the go. 
  • Streamlined operations to ensure fast and accessible service without compromising on quality

Menu Development

  • Crafted a concise yet diverse menu of open-faced sandwiches ("håndmadder") featuring classic Danish flavors with a contemporary twist
  • Prioritized ingredients that add both flavor and texture to each sandwich, ensuring a satisfying dining experience
  • Implemented a rotating selection of locally made products to complement the core menu and support the community's artisans
  • Simplified pricing and delivery methods to enhance accessibility and streamline the ordering process

Brand Development

  • Developed a unique, fun and bold visual identity that stood out and got noticed
  • Created a flexible design where the dog element could be used in a range of situations
  • The dog element resonated with the neighborhood and the dog walkers that frequented the nearby lakes
  • Unexpected tactics like branded poop bags and an old delivery bike with messaging parked by the lakes generated word of mouth


Underdog Coffee has successfully reimagined the traditional Danish coffee bar, establishing itself as a beloved neighborhood staple known for its quality coffee and quality open-faced sandwiches. By prioritizing efficiency, affordability, and sustainability, the coffeehouse has overcome staffing challenges while delivering consistent, high-quality products. The streamlined approach to menu offerings and operations has contributed to the development of a strong brand identity, resonating with both local residents and visitors alike.

Our Impact

  • Transformed a struggling food shop into a thriving neighborhood coffeehouse, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • Introduced innovative menu offerings that blend tradition with modernity, appealing to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.
  • Supported local artisans and producers through the promotion of locally made products, contributing to the growth of the regional economy.
  • Established a reputation for excellence in coffee and open-faced sandwiches, positioning Underdog Coffee as a leader in Danish coffee culture

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