Attracting a new audience to a classic institution.

Anarkist Bar, a collaborative venture between Royal Unibrew, Tivoli, and Anarkist Brewery, sought to transform a former nightlife venue into a vibrant and accessible pizza and beer bar in Copenhagen. The project aimed to introduce Anarkist Craft Beer to a wider audience, expand the location's appeal beyond nightlife enthusiasts, and optimize a central and important strategic location — a space facing the Copenhagen main train station, not requiring access through the Tivoli garden.




Concept Development

  • Colab with Spacon & Eggs to create a Infusion of Nordic design elements to create a welcoming and contemporary ambiance
  • Curated a Nordic-Italian snack and pizza concept that complements the microbrewery's beer selection
  • Emphasized vegetarian options while maintaining a balanced menu for a wider audience

Menu Development

  • Plant-based offerings focus on recognisability, nostalgia, and comfort, using familiar flavors.
  • Transparent pricing to enhance accessibility and appeal to a wider customer base
  • Designed a meal packages to accommodate diverse customer segments
  • Introduced fresh and appealing snacks to complement the heavier meal like pizza


Anarkist Bar was a rewarding collaboration between three very
innovative stakeholders. The bar has since successfully transformed from a nightlife venue into a thriving casual pizza and beer bar, attracting a diverse clientele and becoming a popular destination in Copenhagen's transportation hub. The bar's commitment to sustainability, local ingredients, and plant-based options has further enhanced its appeal, aligning with the city's evolving culinary trends.

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